24 Hour Emergency Response TeamTips

A-1 offers plumbing advice as well as service. On every call we attempt to deliver maximum value for the time we spend with you. This includes offering tips that will save you from problems in the future. The following will also help you get the most from our services:

In an Emergency:
• Make sure everyone is safe
• Plan your best course of action...it may help first to take a deep breath, relax and then begin
• If needed - and if possible - shut off water at source
• If it is a backflow problem, do not drink your tap water
• If your lawn is flooded, you may wish to move any valuable plants or shrubs that could be damaged
• Or, call us and we'll provide help asap

If your sprinkler system is not working properly:
• It helps us provide faster solutions if you are able to clearly describe the problem
• It may also help speed the solution by identifying the cause
• If you are a new client, it will help to have any information on your sprinkler system available when you call
• Or, call us and we'll get to work on solving the problem asap

If your sprinkler system needs regular maintenance:
• If you need spring start-up, winterization or other service, it will help if you are able to provide us with details on your current system
• Or call us and we will discuss the service you require or a regular service contract

If you need a sprinkler system designed and installed:
• A landscape or site plan will assist us with our estimate when you are considering installing a sprinkler system
• Or call us and we will walk you through the process of planning and installing a
cost-effective sprinkler system